7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga and their Benefits

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“The Spiritual Benefits of Yoga”

What is the meaning of spirituality according to you? Many people practice different yoga poses to tone their body an hour of peace away from the daily life destructions. The main purpose to do yoga practices among many people is to gain spirituality.

Many people only understand the physical benefits of yoga. But there is more to it than that. Due to its spiritual benefits, it has a profound impact on a person's life.

But before understanding the spiritual benefits of yoga, first, you need to understand the meaning of spirituality.

What is Spirituality?

The actual meaning of spirituality is a broad concept that has many perspectives. It is a connection to something bigger than ourselves and helps us to search for the real meaning of life.

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     Belief senses that there is something greater than ourselves. Spirituality tells us that we are a significant part of a purposeful life. It helps us to explore the different themes of life like love, compassion, wisdom and truth, and life after death. It is an important part of the journey of our life.

    Your spiritual journey involves the belief in self-worth and capacity of love and generosity that helps you to become less constrained by ego defenses.  It opens the essential aspects of your heart. It brings some sort of practice and discipline in your life that helps you to make progress in your life. Prayers and mediations were known as a common foundation of spirituality, without understanding this there is no personal growth.

    The Spiritual Stretch

    Yoga is a physical exercise for sure; if you practice yoga regularly it develops your stamina, strength. Different postures that you try during yoga challenge your body that makes you strong.

    It is also a mental and spiritual practice where you work through emotional stress and psychology challenges. If you want to enjoy the real spiritual and health benefits of yoga then you should regularly practice it. Without the spiritual side of yoga, it is simply a stress class, a gym session, or a space of relaxation to maintain your body's fitness. With its spiritual benefit, you go deeper into it and you find more benefits of it.

    It brings Cultivating Awareness in Life

    When you start practicing yoga on regular basis, you seek more experience and become aware of its spirit and energy that it brings to the body. You feel more relax and confident. It increases your focus that helps you to focus on your life goals to achieve more success in life.

    Spirit is a higher consciousness and driving force that motivate you and the real reason behind everything you think and do in your daily life routine. It aware you from the inner side of your heart, this is why awareness is critical to yoga as a spiritual practice.

    When you stand on the yoga mat, think that the mat is the mirror that tells you more about yourself your inner strengths that you never know. You can transform your mind that how you live your daily life and how you interact with others. In yoga, spirituality is a self-discovery that teaches you what the purpose of your life is.

    Control of your Life

    Awareness always not leads you to the place where you want to go in your life. The spiritual practice of yoga doesn’t mean changing your life so you can earn more money. Spirituality guide you to become a better person, and identify the career you love.

    Spirituality is not all about getting rid of negative thoughts by controlling your mind and environment. It guides you towards the right path where you can bring more positivity to your life. It tells you that there is no sweet spot in this world where you can hide yourself to save yourself from negativity or life challenges.

    Developing the spiritual side of yoga is holding you back from negativity and attain positivity in life. It makes you strong that helps you to tackle the hard circumstances of your life. The spiritual side of yoga gives you control of your life, by practicing it on regular basis you can attain more benefits.

    Quite Mind

    We are busy in our daily life with relationships and daily life challenges; this is why we don’t listen to our inner voice. How can you develop awareness without taking the time to connect yourself with inner you?

    Yoga gives you this opportunity and space to do just that. When you sit in a quiet space and your mind is quiet then the thoughts that come into your mind can change your life. These thoughts are your inner voice.

    When your mind is quiet don’t expect positivity, peacefulness, or happiness but if it does come towards you beware of it. Be grateful for your experience. Take this attitude of gratitude in your life and this will make your yoga a spiritual practice.

    Is Yoga a Religion?

    Is Yoga a Religion?

    To practice yoga you can have faith or no faith in that. It is not a religious practice; also there is no connection between yoga and worship. The meaning of yoga is joining or unites, and you can view this unison in different ways. It is the union of your body, mind, and spirit. It uniting all the aspects of yourself and connect you with high powers of spiritual forces.


    You move to quiet places, focus on your breathing to attain its benefits. By practicing the exercise of yoga you will realize many positive changes in you. You will feel more focused, happy, and ambitious.

    It is the way to cultivate wholeness and bring positivity into your life. The regular practice of yoga can save you from negativity, diseases, stress, and depression and you can enjoy a healthy and fit life.

    You need to understand the 7 spiritual laws of yoga to understand its spiritual side more clearly to achieve maximum benefits.

    7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga

    The seven spiritual laws of yoga are the old wisdom of modern yogic that creates the daily yoga practice to help you to unite body, mind, and spirit. It includes beautiful practice blend meditation, yoga philosophy that align you with the magnificent rhythms of the cosmos.

    When you join classes to learn the seven spiritual laws of yoga than these seven principles are woven into your daily yoga practice and movements. If you are a beginner and then learn traditional yoga postures, attention, and intention and these seven principles will improve the quality of all aspects of your life.

    These are seven spiritual laws that you need to know before practicing yoga.

    1. Law of Pure Potentiality

    This law tells you that your essential nature is pure consciousness, pure potentiality seeks expression from unmanifest to manifest. It is the infinite source of everything that exists in this world. When you realize that you are pure potentiality, you align the power that manifests everything in nature.


    You are infinitely creative, unbounded, and eternal. The core of your being is pure awareness and pure consciousness is your spiritual essence and the source of joy in your life. This law is a celebration in itself, which means that each moment has access to unlimited choices. This nature gives you many choices each day, the choice of a smile, cry observe or celebrate. You can access the field of infinite possibility that will open your heart and every aspect of collective consciousness. When you practice yoga this law reminds you that every moment in your life has infinite possibilities and opportunities.

    1. Law of Giving and Receiving

    Giving and receiving are different expressions and this universe operates through dynamic exchange. This universe is in constant and dynamic exchange, giving and receiving are different aspects of energy in this universe.

    If you invest your time in good things or relationships then it will come back to you much later from an unexpected source in unexpected in a way that benefits you greatly. It will back to you in the best way.

    If you want to get more money then give more money to needy people, if you want joy then give joy to others, if you want love then spread more love, this law giving and receiving is simple. All you need to do is just continuously participate in the dynamic flow of abundance that is the nature of life itself.

    If you are taking care of this society and nature this is how you take care of yourself. Whatever you wish to have in your life just first give that thing to others and then you will get it in unexpected ways.

    1. Law of Least Effort

    If your actions are motivated then you can easily fulfill your desires. This is the law of harmony and love, when you start learning this lesson from nature you can easily fulfill all of your dreams if you are passionate about them.

    This is the most empowering and inspiring law. It tells you how exactly your life works. You can take a valuable lesson through this law and can implement them to achieve more success in your life.

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      1. Law of Karma

      Your every action generates energy and vibration that returns to you positively or negatively. If you did something good then it will return to you positively, also if you did something worse then it will returns to you negatively.

      The life you are experience right now is a mesh of all of your karmas. If you chose the action that can bring happiness, positivity, and success in the life of other people, the fruit of this action that comes towards you is also happiness and success.

      The thoughts and energy you put, you get back from many ways in your life good or bad. Chose carefully what you want in your life, it is the concept of sow and reaps.

      1. Law of Intentions and Desires

      It is a spiritual law that tells us that every intention and desire is a mechanics for its fulfillment. When you desire something and want to achieve it the desire will remain a dream. But if you have a strong intention to do something in your life, you will automatically get all the necessary pieces of fulfillment.

      If you have the desire to achieve something then write it down on paper in that way you give weight to this desire. Now this desire is no longer thought it becomes a possibility.

      Your intentions also play an important role in your life, your intentions generate the action that makes your life and the life of the people around you better. It helps you to set up your potential. Your intentions will fail if you don’t work on that. by creating a solid plan and decision you can easily turn your intentions into reality. 

      1. Law of Dharma

      Everyone has a purpose in life and wants to fulfill this purpose. This law says that we are here to discover our true selves. You have unique talents and abilities that you are here to express. Your talents and abilities are unique that no one else has.

      It tells that you cannot succeed without a vision or purpose in your life. This law has the power to turn your dream into reality. All you need to do is just identify the real purpose of your life and start working on that sooner or later you will achieve it.  

      1. Law of Detachment

      This law tells us that the way to achieve anything in this world is to relinquish our attachment to it. Don’t give up your intentions or desire to get it, but give up the attachment to the outcome. Detachment comes into your life with inner knowingness.

      This law is the most challenging law of spiritual growth because you can’t make the effort to detach. This law says that you don’t need to force the situation your way. You should take action and then allow opportunities to spontaneously emerge. 


      In this article, all the spiritual beliefs about yoga are explained with seven powerful laws of spirituality. It tells that to achieve inner peace and to know more about yourself you need to understand the spiritual meaning of yoga.

      Yoga is not only about getting a fitness or healthy lifestyle. Its spiritual side tells you about your unique talents, abilities, and possibilities that you can achieve in your life.


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